Everything listed on this page is considered a bug and using it will result in punishment ranging from jail time to being banned from the server. We will not tolerate exploiters on this shard. This page will be updated regularly, however, the use of any new bugs / exploits not yet on this page could result in punishment also.

Last Update 12/27/1999 Green marked text are the updated Rules

If you are not sure if what you are doing is an exploit, then don't do it and ask a GM.

1: Using the regroup ore feature to carry excessive weight of ore. Carrying and unusual amount of items on your Pointer (your Char carries above 400 Stones).
2: Using the circle of transparency to take items or attack things not in normal line of sight.
3: Fighting critters in areas when neither you nor the critter take damage, but skill and stats raise abnormally is not allowed.
4: Access to Roofs is only allowed thru reg access such as ladders or steps.
5: Paralysing something (or someone) then killing with potions or spells that do not remove the paralyse after 1 blast is not allowed. You are, however, allowed to throw 1 potion then cast a spell that causes the paralyse to be removed.
6: Raising archery skill without having ammunition is not allowed.
7: Poisoning without using up poison potions is not allowed.
8: Summoning dangerous monsters in town or newbie areas is not allowed. (Such as grizzlies and scorpions).
9: Due a Server Bug the spawn of ore sometimes varies to an abnormal degree. Should this happen while you are mining , we ask you to stop and report it to a Gm.
10: This is to inform all that the watering toughs seem to have a major problem. You can fish in them, and catch fish (with I might add much better luck than in a body of water) As of 12/14/1999 this is a known bug... and will be considered an exploit if caught using it.

This page will be updated regularly as new exploits are discovered.
It's your responsability to keep up to date on what is not allowed on the shard.

Send any comments or suggestions to Wolveman@champions-in-arms.com 1999